Membership Benefits

Direct Benefits:

Cash discount in Trade Fairs and Seminars organized by FISME.

Cash discount on deals secured by FISME on behalf of members on Raw material, Cars, Computers and other accessories.

Cash discount offered to FISME members for Seminars and Trade Fairs organized by other agencies.

Free distribution to all members FISME’s publications.

Complimentary membership in SME Network - India’s largest portal of small and medium enterprises.

Indirect Benefits:

FISME is a powerful and effective advocate. It is a vital source of expert advice and information. It is a forum for the generation of ideas, for exchange of views and for the enlargement of useful business contacts.

FISME is able to put the views of its SME members directly to Government, and has achieved considerable success in getting the voice heard. FISME strives effective redressal of problems of member units that are related to central Govt. and PSUs.

FISME gathers and summarises information on regulations -national and international - and gives pointers to likely changes that will affect members’ business.

Market intelligence: FISME keeps its members informed about new developments in market through circulars, e-mails and meetings.

International networking: FISME’s international networking is of great value to the small company in its export initiatives from issuing recommendations for Visa to arranging meetings with foreign counterparts. You can count on FISME’s support when in alien lands!

Penal of Consultants on all major issues is there to guide and support the small company on all major issues such as labour, finance, IT, insurance, export etc

Cash discount worth Rs. 50 on every set of ’Certificate of Origin’ issued by FISME to members. (FISME is authorized by Govt. of India to issue Certificate of Origin)

FISME’s presence at highest forums in India related to SMEs ensures your aspirations and concerns are given due reflection in Govt. initiatives: 

a. In India:

FISME is regarded as the progressive face of Indian SMEs and is recognized as such by all Ministries and related organizations of the Union Government. Accordingly FISME is nominated by the Government at :

  • Member of Quasi judicial ‘Advisory Committee’ under MSME Development Act 2006, Ministry of MSME.
  • Member of Board of Trade under Director General of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Govt. of India.
  • FISME is authorized by Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Govt. of India to issue Certificate of Origin (for exporters). FISME’s authorization is duly recognized by Ministry of External Affairs, Govt. of India for purposes of legalization of documents.
  • Non-profit status granted by Income Tax department under sections 12-A and 80G.
  • Member of Working groups on Small Industries at Planning Commission.
  • Scores of committees related to MSME in Ministry of Commerce and Industry, DGFT and Export Promotion Councils, Ministry of MSME, Ministry of Labour, Ministry of External Affairs among others.
  • FISME works closely with public SSI promotion institutions of the country as Development Commissioner-MSME, Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI) etc. and have launched several joint initiatives at national level.
  • Further, FISME is regularly invited to appear before the Department Related Standing Committees of the Parliament on Small Scale Industries, Commerce and Industry etc., to present its views.
  • FISME also works closely with several State Governments for the development and growth of SMEs and is represented at several boards/ committees in different states.

b. Abroad :

  • FISME is the only national body of SMEs that is working closely with United Nations Agencies as UNCTAD, UNIDO, ITC, ILO, UN-G77 CCI etc.
  • Besides, FISME has signed MoUs in 19 countries with counterpart SME associations in both developed and developing countries.

  • FISME has recently opened a representative office in Beijing with ICEC.