Activities Round Up

Date : 28 Sep to 05 Oct 2012
Place : All India
Organised by : FISME

Surbhi-Kaustubh duo wins FISMEs IPR Valuation Contest


Ms Surbhi Mehta and Mr Kaustubh Sinha have won the National Contest on ‘Identification and Valuation of IPRs in MSMEs’ organized by FISME.  The prize carried a cash reward of Rs. one lakh. 

The Paper jointly authored by them has been adjudged best by the Jury which was chaired by Shri Ajay Shankar, IAS, Member Secretary, National Manufacturing Competitive Council (NMCC).  The other members of the jury included Dr Sujata Chaklanobis (DSIR), Mr Arvind Chopra (EBTC), Ms Gayatri Subramaniam (IICA), Mr Tarun Bansal (Sagacious Research) and Mr Anil Bhardwaj (FISME).

Prevalent perception among MSMEs of weak business case of IPR is one of the key reasons why IPR issue has remained peripheral in MSME sphere.    FISME, the leading representative of Indian MSMEs, adopted a two pronged approach to address the issue. It set-up three IPR Facilitation centres (New Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad) –sponsored by Ministry of MSME, to create awareness among MSMEs and to assist them protect their IPs through appropriate instruments.

FISME is setting up India’s first IPR Exchange (tapping Prosperity Fund of British High Commission) to develop a business case.  This would allow IP assets to be exchanged commercially.  However, commercial exchange requires a mechanism for valuation of assets.  Globally, valuation of IPRs is an evolving field, more so in India.

FISME organized a national contest “Identification and Valuation of IPRs in MSMEs”, to induce an informed debate on the issue of valuation of IPRs especially in MSME space.  The best paper carried an award comprising a cash prize or Rs 1 lakh and selected ten papers would be published in form a book.  Out of the 32 abstracts received, 12 were shortlisted for submission of detailed papers.  

According to FISME, valuation of IPRs among MSMEs poses greater challenges because most of the knowledge among MSMEs remain tacit and hidden in the mind of entrepreneurs. It felt there is a need of continued efforts in research, discussion and newer methodologies. The   present exercise has been an effort to stimulate that process in the country.  

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