Activities Round Up

Date : 01 Dec to 05 Dec 2012
Place : Ahmedabad, Indore and Kolkata
Organised by : FISME

FISMEs Briefing Sessions on KNN in Ahmedabad, Indore and Kolkata


FISME is coming up with a distinctive platform to bring together various MSME Associations and Institutions for sharing knowledge and reaching out to media through  ‘Knowledge and News Network (KNN)’. The process of briefing and feedback sessions in major cities for MSME associations, initiated last month,  reached to Ahmedabad, Indore and Kolkata.

The briefing sessions were organised in Ahmedabad on December 1, 2012 followed by Indore and Kolkata on December 4 and 5, 2012 respectively. 

KNN will not only be an MSME focused news agency  but will also run an internet based portal to be information clearing house for MSMEs, associations  and institutions. KNN will disseminate information through all formats: text, audio and video (through VoD/IPTV).  

KNN is being established with assistance from GIZ (German International Development Cooperation). MSME associations working with SIDBI in credit delivery, associations being assisted under GIZ / SEQUA programme for capacity building of MSME associations and FISME partner associations form the core of over 100 associations that have joined the network.  Over 75 prestigious institutes of management and engineering besides Universities have also joined.  

It aims to enable the partner MSME Associations and Institutions to reach out to the national and regional media covering both print and electronic media. The network will help them extract news of their interest from global media and other information sources. The associations and institutions can also inform about their own activities and let whole world know.     

The briefing sessions on ‘Knowledge and News Network’ have already been organised in Bangalore followed by Hyderabad and Chennai. 

The objective of the session was to share the details as to how these MSME Associations and Institutions can leverage the power from this Network. During the first phase, 100 Associations and Institutions will sign up the network and reap the benefit.  

KNN is slated to go live by January next year.