Activities Round Up

Date : 18 Jun to 18 Jun 2014
Place : New Delhi
Organised by : FISME

Flipkart - FISME join hands to give MSMEs e-marketplace access


Two of India’s largest bodies have come together to bring thousands of micro and small enterprises (MSMEs) on board of e-market place.

Flipkart and Federation of Indian Micro and Small & Medium Enterprises (FISME)  have entered into an understanding through which they will jointly train and equip MSMEs in clusters to be e-marketplace ready and then Flipkart will provide access to its e-market platform.  FISME is a network of over 740 MSME associations spread all over the country.

“In the first phase, 50,000 MSMEs will be targeted to be on board Flipkart ”, said Anil Bhardwaj Secretary General of FISME.  

‘Besides connecting to  a new market segment, using e-market place brings several advantages to MSMEs namely  need for lesser  working capital as payments are quick and entrepreneurs get market inputs of design, packaging and pricing’, he added.  

The joint initiative is to focus not only the traditional clusters of manufacturing handicrafts, textiles and garments and gems and jewellery  but would expand to other MSME strong-holds such as sports goods, leather products and life style products. There are  400 industrial and 3000 artisans clusters in India.

Ankit Nagori, VP - Marketplace, Flipkart said, We believe that marketplace model is the best suited for an emerging economy like India with a huge population. This model has seen traction in the past three years and we want to expand this platform to enable and encourage entrepreneurship in the country. We are excited to partner with FISME to reach to millions of MSMEs." 

Flipkart with its access to the largest consumer data base in the country, aims to help FISME make optimal use of available data to guide entrepreneurs and artisans on areas such as quality, trends, pricing etc.

With marketing being cited as one of the biggest challenges that MSMEs face, the 40 million MSMEs employing over 85 million people in the country may find Flipkart’s marketplace a new tool to survive and grow.