Activities Round Up

Date : 07 Oct to 07 Oct 2015
Place : New Delhi
Organised by : FISME

FISME hosts SME Working Group meeting of SAARC TPN on regional value chains

The Federation of Indian Micro and Small & Medium Enterprises (FISME) hosted  a two day meeting of the Operational Committee  of the SME group of SAARC Trade Promotion Network (TPN), an initiative of 28 member Federations and Chambers from all SAARC countries to upscale the trade within the countries of South Asia. The initiative is being actively supported by GIZ, the German Development Organisation.

Addressing the Group during the inaugural session, Anil Bhardwaj, Secretary General, FISME, mentioned the importance of regional trading in global markets and stressed upon the need for multi-folding intra SAARC trade.

Bhardwaj emphasized on the importance of developing intra SAARC value chains in areas of competitive advantages like processed food, textiles, leather products and more. He also mentioned about the unique project being implemented by FISME under SAARC TPN to pilot regional value chains in Fruit Juices and Textiles.

The objectives of the SAARC – TPN is to enable private sector enterprises of SAARC nations in mutual trading, by removing the Non – Trade Measures (NTM); capacity building of the SMEs; addressing the Quality and Standard related mismatches; launching a trade portal and finally Human Capacity Building (HCD), for each of which the Network has set up different working groups of member organisations.

FISME is the first and fast moving member of SAARC TPN from India and is an active member of the Working Group on SME (WG-SME).

Addressing the working group Gerald Duda, Chief Technical Officer, SAARC TPN mentioned about the distance covered by the SAARC TPN so far and stressed upon developing a sustainable model for the Network with close support from the member organisations.

This was the consecutive third meeting of the WG- SME hosted successfully by FISME with active support of the Group members and GIZ.

During the meeting, important issues related to upscaling of intra SAARC trade by SMEs were discussed, particularly developing Value Chains within the SAARC countries. The progress of the Regional Value chain project being implemented by FISME was also reviewed during the meeting.